Our Vision for a Greener Future

At ECO Shades, our journey in fashion is deeply intertwined with a commitment to the environment. Born in the heart of Denmark, our vision has always been to offer high-quality, affordable sunglasses while keeping the planet in mind. Every pair of ECO Shades is a blend of classic Nordic design, innovative eco-friendly materials, and excellent production quality.

BioAcetate S70: Made from a Sustainable Material

BioAcetate S70 is a product created by Wingram Industrial Company Limited. Wingram's business focuses on providing solutions to solve the increasingly prevalent environmental concerns of our earth. The company is focused on innovations on sustainable plastics and seeks to achieve this by producing environmentally friendly plastics. All styles in the ECO Shades Biodegradable collection is made from BioAcetate S70.

rPCTG - Recycled Plastic Material

RPCTG material is a type of recycled polycarbonate. It's an innovative and sustainable material used in products like sunglasses, created by recycling polycarbonate plastics. This approach of using RPCTG helps in reducing waste and environmental impact, as it involves repurposing discarded plastic waste such as food containers and bottles. All styles in the ECO Shades Recycled collection is made from RPCTG .

rPMMA LENSES - Lenses of Recycled Materials

RPMMA lenses are a key feature in our sustainable eyewear collection. Made from recycled Poly Methyl Methacrylate, they represent our commitment to environmental responsibility and high-quality eyewear. PMMA, often found in display stands and optical lenses, is repurposed through a careful recycling process. This not only reduces waste but also utilizes a resource that's already in circulation.