About Us

In 2021, the father and son, Claus and Jonas Brandenborg, materialized an idea for a sunglass brand: one that would strike the perfect balance between premium quality, affordability, and a splash of sustainability. The ECO Shades concept was how they gave birth to their vision of a greener tomorrow.

Our Founders
With over 25 years in the optical business, Claus Brandenborg developed the Danish brand SKY EYEWEAR. Knowledge of the manufacturing of eyewear, top materials, and beautiful designs: Claus's 25 years experience in the industry has been crucial in establishing a premium eyewear production line and upholding high standards in manufacturing and design for ECO Shades.

Jonas Brandenborg really brought new ideas to the table with his great feel for colors and fashion trends. It shaped the overall image and vibe of the brand, and hence was really important. His creative approaches in both design and marketing truly made ECO Shades popular with consumers across ages.

ECO Shades has come a long way from the very humble beginnings when it first launched its products to the small independent fashion stores in Denmark and to online platforms, ECO Shades has now become a hugely popular brand. Currently, we distribute our products to stores in Europe, the USA, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia.


We envision a world where high-quality and beautiful eyewear is accessible to everybody, and the fashionable choices we make do not come at the cost of our planet. We are trying our best every single day to better our products, find 'greener' materials, and keep innovating in the eyewear and fashion industry. We hold our heads high by not letting our three principals—quality, affordability, and 'greener' materials—ever slip from sight. We are on a continuous learning and betterment journey, responding to our customers' and our planet's ever-evolving needs.